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On July 31,2005, a group of pioneering Lego® fire apparatus enthusiasts came together to form a new group designed by the builders, for the builders. This new group was to encompass everything learned from past Lego® fire groups, but planned to take the weaknesses that brought them all to collapse, and amend those issues. This new group was to take the idea far beyond just the bricks, but to a new level of understanding and agreement. A level of realism that had not yet been achieved in a Lego® fire users group; a new mutual aid organization was born. This group now gave the builders a realistic playing field to run and operate simulated incidents to better their real world knowledge. Participating departments would come to each others aid when an incident arose.


This group is the Lego® Metro Fire District. There are no other groups quite like this one on the web. A strong member base with strong leadership and a mutual respect and understanding fuel this group and have ensured its long term survival. Where other groups have fallen, the LMFD stands tall. This group has continued to run and operate on a steady basis for nearly four years; few if any Lego® fire group can claim this hard earned title. The members take great pride in this fact and proudly display the LMFD banner on their websites. While the members’ ages may vary greatly, the dedication that fuels the passion is all the same no matter the differences. The LMFD is unified in dedication and provides an unparalleled level of service to the towns and cities they protect.  


Interested in joining this celebrated and dedicated group? See this page for details.


This site is maintained by the staff of the LMFD InOps. This site went live in October, 2010 (with the former site going live in October, 2006).


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